4 Steps To Greater Productivity

4- Organization
Make a daily effort to keep the spaces around you clean and organized, especially your supplies. Knowing where your tools are cuts out time spent looking for them. Keep all of your tools in one place, such as a tool box, and you will never have to look very far for any supply.  New to organization? Start with making your bed every day. This one little act has shown increase mental clarity throughout the day and is always nice to come home to.

3- Punctuality
Show up on time for everything, no matter how small. This habit is a necessity in the professional world and should be practiced as early on as possible. Not only is it disrespectful to teachers and peers to show up late for classes but in a professional setting it could lose you an important client. To combat this, tell yourself events start 15 minutes before they actually do and be there at that time. For interviews or high priority meetings make a ‘dry run’ the day before to see how long it takes you to arrive at your destination.

2- Balance
Balance is easily one of the most difficult things to achieve, whether in or out of school. Creating an equilibrium between work and play takes years to achieve and  constant personal evaluation to maintain. Actively striving to achieve this balance is a daily effort of weighing actions and timing. One thing I have learned to live by is: work to live, do not live to work. Take the time to recognize the things most important to you and make them a regular priority in your life.

1- Scheduling
Scheduling is the best way to achieve clarity in your busy life. Between school, work, social life, family, you name it, things can get complicated and priorities can easily begin to slip. Knowing exactly when events are or when things are due keeps your head clear of cluttered thoughts and greatly reduces the chance for mistakes or missed appointments. Having a view of the next week's events will make it easier to schedule time for friends or other activities. Make a daily effort to check your schedule so you are aware of how to best spend your time.

Need a little more help? Try these sites to get you on the right path to productivity!  

Slack.com - Great for group projects

Drop Mark - For link organisation

Trello - For group or individual projects, tracks production tasks